Sky Glitch/Dimension Rip?

So I am out hunting at night when the sky started spazzing out… Is it aliens? Or maybe the Doctor is coming to visit…

someone plays RSI :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this several times myself. It actually looks pretty cool since it kind of envelopes the sky and actually feels like it’s suppose to be there. Doesn’t feel glitchy.

i saw it tonight out over the water and the water was lit up blue below it… looked pretty cool.

It’s a portal to a dimension where no one KOS’s, and banditry is illegal. Why do you think everyone builds towers? So they can get to it.

Someone is new… Search threads before posting… Duplicate threads are annoying.


I’m certain it’s a graphical glitch (I’m willing to bet some number in the shader went out of range and wrapped around back to zero or something). But it looks like the clouds are freakishly irradiated.

Pretty sure graphical glitch, but in my opinion, the devs should keep it, as long as it isn’t messing up any internal code, since they could easily pass it off as Aurora Borealis, and it just looks awesome.

That would be the freakiest, pants s**ttingest Borealis ever.

But it still looks awesome, and eerie as hell, perfect for the game atmosphere.

There are alot of other threads about this, please use search

I tell my friend’s about this all the time. They haven’t seen it so they think I’m crazy haha.


How can they not have seen it? It happens all the fucking time.