Sky Glitch.

I am creating my VERY first map in Hammer Editor Ever, and i need to know how to stop this GODFORSAKEN glitch from happening?

You have a leak, I think.

Whats That? Note: Ive seen this thing before in noclip mode on other, professional, maps.

have you made a skybox?

No, but I’ve been wondering how to.

so that’s the problem you need a skybox to fix that.

Here’s a website with tutorials for you.


You have a leak because you don’t have a skybox. Add a brush textured with tools/skybox that covers any exposed areas to the “void”

Your map is leaking something fierce. This happens when you look at a face of a brush that has been culled (removed by the engine to speed up frame rate) or look at the void (the blackness around the map in which nothing can exist but brushes). Try putting a ceiling on your map. If your intent is to make a skybox, make your room tall so you can jump without running into the ceiling, then texture it and your tall walls with the skybox texture (tools/skybox I think, but I know it’s under tools textures). Then your map will look better.

If my explanations on culling and the void are wrong, sorry. All you need to know is to put a ceiling on the map, just a tall one with the skybox texture on it.

Jesus im stupid, that the only idea i had, but i didnt do it under the impression it HAD to be more complicated, Thanks to all of you =D.

You’re not stupid. Next time, though, I’d look at the VDC article.