Sky is not limit

So before people say duped.
No we didnt dupe its hard work, we have lot of people, we gathered lot of stuff. We are like french people very dedicated.

How much did you drink before you wrote “no we didnt dupe”

now jump off

I did I did!!! was falling for 3.5 minutes

I have to agree…You have loads of stuff in your hotbar, plus you are playing on the EU server which is a PVP server. The amount of wood required to build such a high structure would take a team of 7 peepl ages to gather. It’s not like the log piles has a spawn time of three seconds and spawn on the exactly same place.

IF you didn’t dupe very nice job and I tip my hat to you sir!
(Why would you have 250 Foundations?Would you not need that wood to build the stairs and what not)

BTW I noticed you are using Opera , how is it working for you? Any problems?

Yeah I use opera for rust seems more optimized for that browser chrome gives me lower fps… In terms of building I am not sure if you noticed I was sarcastic in my post :wink:

Funniest thing I’ve ever read in my life.

Since the 2 dupe methods are damn simple and easy i’m calling DUPE.

No point lying about it though a tad pathetic

So before people say duped.

I want someone to build up to the level where the plane flies past, and I want to see if you guys can get on it. I want to record something like that, too.

I think that would be cool, but it would be better if you could build a base at one of the drops on a PvP server so you don’t get auto killed ahahah! But yes while dupe is still there that would be pretty cool too see! Even better if you didn’t dupe to do it.

On the PvE server, somebody had a small little shack where the box dropped literally right inside. I had to act fast and put a box and hop over the wall. Worked like a charm, but the dude had it planned out.

Sounds cool dude! Hopefully I can get rust key soon D:

We planning to try to ride the plane next, or hopefuly crash it in the building depending if the plane has rigidbody on ^^

ugh, the french in this game

My base is probably like 3 quarters as tall as that, all out of metal. ALOT of farming :frowning: