Sky messed up.

I’m fairly new to GMod but heres my problem.

It all started with the map rp_townsend, now i can not for the life of me find an answer to this problem so here it is.

i look at the sky and there simply is none, i can’t describe it. if i was looking at a brick wall then the next thing on my screen that i saw was the sky it would look like how the brick wall was but flicker. also, i see some error models so if any1 with this maps knows what i need(not just to fix the sky but also the error models) i would really appreciate the help

Put a screenshot on, it will probably give a better view of the situation!

Sounds like missing material. Do you have CS:S?

i dont have CS:S, but r u sure thats the missing material, also, the gun in zombie survival maps, r those CS:S guns, plus, i have NEVER taken a screenshot b4, its a little embarrasing so som1 plz tell me how and where it will appear =(

Hit F5 in game to take a screenshot. They’re saved to Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/screenshots

And yes, you need CS:S to see the materials/models that you currently can’t.

i have the picture but how do i paste it in this forum, i cant have the copy button on it

go to filesmelt or imageshack and upload it then use


do i have to, i dont like those websites, is there any other way?


does that work?




That looks messed up big time, it is definetly missing texutres…

I think that map uses CSS, like whosdr said.
Don’t pirate CSS, buy it!

ya but see the sky, its been happening alot recently, like theres no sky at all, it just took the images from what i looked at before, is there anwyays(nothing illegal) to download css for free via steam, even thought i couldnt play it, just have it for the files. for e.x. getting a guest apss key to tf2 lets u dl the game

No there isn’t.

It’s only £14, just buy it. It’s a great game.

actually I think they raised the price, last time i looked it was 20 bucks