sky problem

I made 3D skybox properly on my map. When I run it on Garry’s mod, The sky looks like this:
But when I run this map on any other Half-Life 2 game, It looks like it should look. Help me!

I had that when I was playing a EP2 Skybox map back when I didn’t have EP2. What skybox texture did you use? And have you enabled the content if it isn’t a hl2 default skybox?

You sir, have a leak. Or a skybox texture that GMod does not have mounted. Pause in GMod and go to Settings and make sure that Ep2 or whatever game you built it in is checked so the content is mounted.

I have all games that content is available in Gmod, and everything is checked. Any other ideas?

What is your set skybox texture name?
also, use [img][/img ] tags
and skyhawk… its not a leak
that would be one hella big leak

texture name is tools/toolsskybox

Is it a 3d skybox?

If so you didn’t scale it properly.

Go to map and then map properties and tell us the name on the skybox there.


take of the _07 and your good.

doesn’t work.

I still don’t understand. If this map runs on other HL2 games, then it must be something wrong with Gmod.

Do you have any custom textures installed? Are you sure that HL2 is mounting in gmod?

There aren’t any custom textures installed. HL2 and episodes and other games are mounted in Gmod.

Try manually pakratting the skybox textures into the map.

It does nothing

add _hdr to the end of the name?

name of what?

The skybox texture.

Compile log plox.

Problem solved guys! I completely remade the skybox of this map and now it’s working. Thanks everyone for help.