Sky props

Link: props.rar

I found them in Dear Esther, but there is tiny problem it’s not convenient to use it a little bit, it doesn’t let you manipulate that easily. If anyone can fix it or improve that’d be awesome, also you can edit vtf files and add your own sky/clouds texture and post it here or in the thread of useful scenebuild stuff.

Use resizer tool to increase the size of it, also you can put them in 3d sky to make them look bigger.

One more problem is that when you’re inside that prop and want to manipulate any props your gun first chose that prop always, it’s not that critical but still bother’s a bit.
Use Ignore tool for that matter:

Your title says “Sky props”. But you only displayed a night sky option in the pictures,are there any more?

Do we have a working Ignore tool now btw? That would help, but I can’t find one.

yes, there are only 2 of them, it’s not much. As I said anyone can edit vtf files and change the texture.

The old ignore tool still works, it just doesn’t make the ignored objects transparent anymore. Well, and the help text is borked.

Excellent! Would these work on GM_Black or do you only use them on maps that are already lit?