Sky so bright

can you turn down the brightness of the sky?
(i dont mind a bit its just a bit ott and its impossible to see in the snow)

I agree. And Mac has the bug of huge super bright spots that came back. : (

Pleae don’t forget this Mac bug. Like the spots before, but doesn’t happen that often.

Yes dear god please. How the heck do I reduce the sun in this game? I can’t see anything other than sunlight unless I look at the ground. I have to wait until night to play normally without getting a headache.

I have this “problem” as well

Rust is so power hungry that it’s really stupid to try and play it on a Mac, how do you put up with it? I tried before and the experience was horrible.

Guys. You’re looking directly at the sun. Have you ever tried that in real life? It has a very similar effect in that it bloody blinds you. They are attempting to add a level of realism to the game. It’s the sun. The SUN. Dont look at it, and you wont go blind.

Uhh no. The bloom is extremely exaggerated.


#Directx9 with AMD graphic card

uuuuuhhh… that looks like a skybox glitch you got there. when I look up its blue.

I have this issue for a really long time using DirectX , but in the same time , directx adds 10 frames to my 25 that I get in normal Rust.

This is an ongoing problem with AMD cards. I upgraded my video card awhile ago and switched to an Nvidia and the problem went away. I think it’s been an issue for at least a couple of months now.

then back to the main topic. is there then a way to change settings, or glitch it out for less sun? cause barrel hunting has been awful in some locations. near impossible to see where you are even going if heading downroad just before dusk.

Not that I found. It was almost unplayable for me when it was like that. I stopped playing as much because it just looked so bad.