Sky view help

I need some help making a sky view view, similar to an RTS view. But when I set the Calcview to above and such, I experience these problems: I still see my gun, and I can look around. I want to lock the view on my guy from one angle. Can someone help me out? Thanks.

What I have >.<
[lua]function GM:CalcView(ply,pos,ang,fov)
return self.BaseClass:CalcView(ply,ply:GetPos()+Vector(0,0,400),-30,fov)

You could try ply:StripWeapons() and ply:Lock(), not sure though. ply:DrawViewModel(false) might work as well.

Ok, I realized that I want to use something other than calcview, unless you have a way of drawing the model of the player and making it possible for me to code a “screen click thing”. I just need a sure way of doing it… Garry theft auto does it, I’m pretty sure.