skybox broken?

a few months ago i was playing singleplayer but the sky was really glitchy i cant explain it but today i go on a multiplayer server and the sky it glitchy but it had never happened in multiplayer before please help!

Is it in all maps you’re playing?

Do you own CS:S

yea i own it

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i dont know cuz the game crashed a few mins after i joined

Did you try to run all your Source games so that they’d update to Steam Pipe? After that make sure they are all mounted, at least CSS, HL2 and the episodes if you own them and TF2 since some maps make use of it’s content.

Do that. Mainly, just make sure you’ve started up CS:S, as that is what skyboxes mainly use.

Do you have any screenshots? Make sure CS:S installed, and try to launch it.

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You joined a year after me and have almost 1,500 posts. That’s impressive.

i think i found the prob css needed converting

Glad the recommended fix worked, give it a day or two and if the problem is gone for good please mark this thread as solved.