Skybox bug, Help?

So i’ve got a 3D Skybox in, But i get this bug:

I’ve tried WITHOUT fullbright and it’s the same result. Any assistance?

umm… what

I personally don’t even know, I’ve referred to the MapSRC files in the SDK multiple times and i have done nothing wrong, I’ve even tried using a different skybox and it’s still not working.

how about you explain the problem. the screenshot doesnt say anything.
show in-hammer screenshots.
also, make sure there’s only one sky_camera. :expressionless:

Basically, In Hammer and if i noclip to it, It looks like a citadel. Ingame via-skybox it looks just like the surrounding brushwork and a tiny chunk of it.

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Viewing it normally via the skybox:

Noclipping to it:

In Hammer:

You have to make it 16x smaller than the original size to make it look natural. Basically upscale it, by about 16. ctrl m scale 16

I’ll try that. Thanks.