Skybox fail + Valve Hammer Editor foreign brushes

I’ve had this problem for several years now, and haven’t really figured out what is causing it, I haven’t mapped since I made the new Sassilization Lobby which is 2 years now.

I make a great map and BAM, I compile it and there’s a horrible illusionary brush right in the map, usually in a place i cannot cover up. So i figured I’d build a brush around it and figure out what to make around it. Anyhow is there a way to fix this glitch?

The second one is something I have wasted in total around 3 years of my life trying to work, but It never has and that is 3D skyboxes, they simply DO NOT and HAVE NEVER worked, the sky always messes up and i see the actual map rather than the skybox, It doesn’t matter where I put the sky_camera or the skybox map, it’s always the same.

Something else that is strange is the lighting looks like the original Quake 1 lighting, there is no radisoty or global illumination.

I have filled a bug report as i suspect it is a NVidia QuadroFX graphics bug, I have contacted NVidia and they cannot figure out where the problem lies which means they cannot fix it, and they don’t have an intimate knowledge of Worldcraft so am i now stuck? or is there some manual BSP editor out there I can tinker with?

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Also no, there are no ‘invalid solid structures’ or other map problems. I have been mapping since the days of Quake 1 and do know what I am doing

looked for leaks?

If you know what you are doing don’t you know how to fix textures?

What is the skybox name in the browser (like sky_day01_02bk for example)

It’s a valve skybox and it works if i delete sky_camera but I don’t see the 3D skybox, Also there are no leaks (no leak file is made)

go to maps> map properties and make sure the skybox is sky_day01_01 to start off with, if you feel like it send me a pm of a link to a vmf and ill take a look

OK willdo, also I did already try that, it is always the same, doesn’t matter what sky I try (even if i try it with no sky)

also try map > load pointfile after compiling

I do that and sometimes it doesnt exist, and others it shows a random line in the void (theres no entities in or near it)

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The sky_camera is in the correct place, i can see the main map where the 3d skybox should be but i still don’t see the 3D or sky parts of the skybox

ok after taking a look your defualt skybox texture is “Jungle” change it to “sky_day01_01” This can be acheived by going up to the top then to map > map properties and under the field “Skybox texture” change it “sky_day01_01”

That didn’t work either, the 3D part of the skybox is invisible (although i managed to get both jungle and the default sky to show, i can see the main map in the skybox, and not the 3d skybox, I’ve tried everything, i suspect it is a bug with Hammer and not a fault on my part as i offered $10 on another forum about a month ago to anyone who can fix it and no one could

ill continue to look into it, that was a brief look into it

just add me on steam and work on it from there

Ah the problem is bad programming, the sky_camera is occluding the skybox geometry and there is nothing i can do about it, it must be a Quadro related bug as other people don’t have problems

you do realise that the pointfile is pointing to the skycam, everytime i move it, it seems to point at it
tis weird

yeh it’s broken

im just gonna rebuild the 3d skybox see what the problem is

I’ve never in my life had problems with 3D Skyboxes.

ok, looks like the best way to fix it is to re-do the 3d skybox, the structure was abit iffy the sky camera wasent in the right position

Ok thanx, i’ve tried redoing it several times, i’ve given up

You realize you probably have a leak in there somewhere…

Yup, it’s probably a leak. Leaks often lead to incomplete map rendering on large maps due to the missing visdata.