Skybox fog hooks not working?

	hook.Add( "SetupSkyboxFog", "SetupOutlandsFog", function( skyboxscale )
			render.FogMode( 1 )
			render.FogColor( 13, 15, 17 )
			render.FogStart( 50 * skyboxscale )
			render.FogEnd( 10000 * skyboxscale )
			render.FogMaxDensity( 0.9 )

I have this, and I know the hook is adding properly, as a print functions runs constantly if I put it inside the hook. I cannot, however, seem to see the fog. I was looking the edit_fog.lua entity on the garrysmod github, but nothing seems to be different.

My world fog is defined by an actual separate env_fog_controller, but I don’t think this has anything to do with it-- I’m not seeing any fog in my skybox. What am I doing wrong? The edit fog entity doesn’t need to do anything special to change the skybox fog, why do I? This should be a client-side only function?


Ah, I think I needed to add:

return true

At the end. Let me test it.

EDIT: It functions.