skybox help

I have looked at all the articles I could find and cannot find out how to make a sky box. I read the article in the Valve developer community and it read this…

Adding sky to a map
Simply texture a world brush (not a brush entity) with the tools/toolsskybox material. (|Ok did this.|)

In-game, the skybox will be seen through each surface that toolsskybox is applied to.

toolsskybox Brushes do not need to be box-shaped

My questions are, do I make the box go around the playing area and hollow it out? Do I leave it as a box just sitting there? Should it automatically just surround the map? Plz Help.

Basically, you surround the map with that skybox and you badly need to hollow it. YouTube has billions of small tuts on how to make a simple skybox, once you see a tut, you will get it.

make blocks that form a box around the map

It’s not as easy as you think it would be

Really? I got it right away.

It is.

What i mean is that it’s easier then you think, so you probably end up doing it the wrong way, if you’re new to hammer

If you’re going to make a skybox, DON’T do it as a “hollow box”, make the skybox enclose the areas touching the void. If you make a whole box around the entire map, you are going to get unwanted extra

make sure you don’t use the skybox textures (not toolsskybox)

thx for the tip :slight_smile: