Skybox not appear problem

**Hi everybody again, i’ve a problem in the skybox that when you see at the center of the skybox or sometimes at somewhere of the sky, it’s like there isn’t skybox
If u need some data, tell me

Thanks ;)**

Seams like you have a leak somewhere. Or your HDR is way too bright

Do you have a 3d skybox ?
The game might try to render the 3d skybox, but it render the void, because your 3d skybox is not large enough

Yes, i have 3d skybox
And how can i solve this?

Put a sky_camera at 0 0 0 (or any other entities, it’s just for a reference).
Select your map + that entity at 0 0 0 (not the 3d skybox).
Hold shift and move it so it’s duplicated, then scale it down with Transform (Ctrl + M), with 0.0625 (1/16)

Move your brushes, and the entity into your 3d skybox so the entity is at the same position as the sky_camera. Now you will see if some brushes are in the void. Extend the wall of the 3d skybox to have all brushes inside it.

You can then delete all those reference brushes (and the entity)

It wasn’t that, i think that my error was the skybox with holes in some parts, thanks you anyway

EDIT= I forget it, now it’s working