Skybox problem.

When I compile my map and run it in HL2, the skybox looks completely fine. Nothing wrong. But when I take the .bsp and put it in Gmod, the skybox seems to go past into the void, and I get that weird camera-trail effect where the last frame stays.

Edit: I think the problem was my skybox textures not entirely wrapping around the map, but I haven’t tested it yet in Gmod. Is this the case?

Edit: Nope, no it wasn’t that.

Pics would help.

This is probably a leak, go to map>load pointfile if a red line shows up make sure there is something blocking that red line off from the void.

FYI: Displacements and brush entities don’t block the void.

That’s probably what it is. I had a leak the size of a single game unit that I didn’t catch on my skybox textures.