Skybox problem


I am about to release a L4D2 map, but i have a problem. Friends of me helping beta testing have it aswel. When in-game, sometimes my skybox screws up. It looks like there is a leak and you are staring into the “void”, like there is no skybox at all. When i look away and back again it’s fixed. Same if i spam my flashlight button.

  • I checked if there is a leak, there is none
  • I tried diffrent skybox textures, occurs on all of them
  • Cubemaps are properly built
  • No errors in the compile log that indicates the problem

Is there any known solution for this?

Post the compile log, in [noparse]

[/noparse] tags please.

When I first began mapping this happened to me and I never found the fix. I would also be interested in what causes it.