Skybox problem

I got an awful skybox problem. Im not sure what the reason is, but look at the picture. If you have encountered the problem and/or have a solution, please share it.

I can see the map from the skybox.

Hammer view:

Compile vis on normal. Also your skybox is WAY too close to the edge of the grid.

And check for leaks. Leaks can also cause the skybox to be visible like that.

I got this problem with one of my first few (almost) releaseworthy maps, but yeah it is mainly caused by leaks.

It was a test if there was some kind of difference from how close the skybox was. And I havent changet it after that.

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I recently sealed the whole map. I don’t think there are leaks in the map. But I will check

One thing I forgot to add: The skybox doesn’t work

Remove the camera at 0,0,0, and make sure one only exists in the skybox.

There are no cameras at 0,0,0.

Put the skybox under the map. (Retarded way and doesn’t fix anything but your problem :downs:)

Try adding suffix _hdr to your skybox name, that usually fixes the problem for me if i ever have it.

Well you have a camera in the wrong place, that’s happened to me. you have one projecting the playable area into the skybox. How’d you manage that?

Go to map > Entity Report, then look to see if you have two “sky_camera” on the list.

I have the same problem, and I only have one sky_camera. :frown:

Yea, I checked the entity report, and there where only one sky_camera there

And where are your sky_camera placed?

If you are speaking to me, then my sky_camera is within the 3D skybox. It has to be large to accomodate the Citadel though. The outdoor area is ringed with blue, the sky_camera is in green.

Not sure where I’m going wrong. :confused: I’m probably missing something obvious.
The Citadel is faintly visible in the void effect where there should be a skybox. I’m going to check for leaks now.