Skybox Problem

Right i’ve had experience in building maps for other different games, but Source games like Gmod is new. The only thing stopping me from completing my maps, is a stupid compiling error. This Skybox problem is for a 2d skybox. i’ve followed information on different websites even tho they say the damn same thing, i keep getting an error saying “Can not find Skybox Texture.” I’ve tried all Skybox textures and still get the Same thing.

So has anyone else experience this and know how to help me?

Try refreshing your SDK Content.

If that doe’s not work then try resetting game configurations.

right that didn’t work, it might be me putting in the wrong texture name. I’m trying to use Starfield_01 texture, i know it’s a skybox texture because when i applied it to a Brush wall and it made my map just floating windows.

Try going here:

This is a list of game’s and the Skybox’s with them, Try one of those before trying custom ones.

Could you drop your compile log in here please.

Cheers, that actually helped. it seems i didn’t really put the name down, i wouldn’t of thought of putting _hdr at the end of the name for the skybox texture. My problem is now somewhat fixed, i choosed a different texture for my skybox, but is there a way to use a sci-fi Space texture as a Skybox texture?