Skybox question; Underground Skybox?

So right now I’m making a map that has a basement where I’m trying to have the ceiling show the skybox, so it looks like the underground has a window to the outside on the ceiling. Whenever I try to play the map, everything is perfect with it, except that it shows the buildings and such above it. That’s the only problem I’m having with it, and I thought of the alternative of making a camera/screen that shows the sky, but then it won’t have the same light_environment effect, so I’m just wondering if I can do this without showing the building above and just show the sky on the ceiling.

Nope. Source can’t handle that.


Believe me, I’ve tried. :gonk:

Couldn’t you just put the skybox texture on the ceiling? Unless it’s a 3D skybox.

You need to make sure that the VIS leaves above aren’t being rendered at the same time. Once you have that sorted, it’s just a matter of applying a skybox texture to the roof.

Use a camera bro.

HiddenMyst has the most helpful advice. get the visleaves sorted and it’ll work how you want.

An image showing what you want would be more useful.

How about a func_breakable skybox? It would be a great effect for space maps or maps with underground cities. Breakable artificial sky!

Speaking of space maps, anyone know a good space skybox?

Is this possible? I sort of want to try it now. :v:

Yes, make a 3d skybox and place func_breakable in it.