Skybox Textures

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but since this is related to mapping, I think it should be. If I’m wrong, someone please move it to the correct place…

Anyway, I’m making a map that has hills and stuff, though it looks very ugly when you see over the hills on the edges, so I tried to make a skybox, every time I tried (and I have tried a couple of times, from scrap each time), and it always screws up one way or another, I can never get it right.

My question is does anyone know of any good free skybox textures that look 3d (that are also free and use-able), or know of any preexisting source skyboxes like that?

Why not doing 3D Skybox like tutorials say’s ? It’s quite easy, it’s like 10 minutes of work if you know what you want exacly to do, some of skyboxes require that you place them on rest of the map then scale them to skybox, for example displacements if you want them to look good.

Skybox tutorials always seem unnecessarily complicated. I could try to summarize a good way of doing it:

Create a sky_camera at the exact center of the mapping grid (this is Sky Camera A). Alt+enter on it. Go to the “Visgroups” tab, hit “edit groups,” and then hit “new group,” name the group sky_camera_a or something. Go back to the original visgroups tab, and assign sky camera A to the visgroup you just created. You can toggle it on or off in the visgroups tab on the righthand side of hammer’s interface. Create a NEW sky_camera (sky camera b), drag it off to some location outside the map area and hollow out a skybox brush around it. Always make sure Sky camera A is toggled off when you compile the map. Sky camera B should always be in the same spot.

Whenever you want to add to the 3d skybox, simply create new brushes at the edges of your REAL (non 3d skybox) map area, when you’re done making them, select them all, toggle the sky_camera A back on, copy both your brushes and sky_camera A, and copy/paste them somewhere. Make sure all of them are selected (and that includes sky camera a) Go to tools/transform, click “scale” on the left hand side of the window and then type in .0625 for all 3 slots (xyz) and transform it. Drag both the new miniature brushes AND sky camera A together to the position of sky camera B, and line up sky camera B with sky camera A. once they are lined up, delete the sky camera A copy. Now your new miniature brushes will be in their correct place in the 3d skybox.