Hi, I’m a bit new to mapping, but I’m learning.
I have a problem with my skybox. It’s not loading the texture?

Here’s a pic.

I’ve tried a bunch of different skybox materials. I’ve checked and double checked the file names, and for some reason it’s still not showing up.

I got an error in the console
“Unable to load sky sky_day01_09bk”
I can post a screenshot of it. If that helps.

remove the bk

Thanks I’ll try that.

Your skybox should only be set as: sky_day_01_09

Alright, Thanks.
Like I said I’m new to the mapping thing.

What’s the best night time Skybox?

Damnit ninja’d.


09 is basically the only night skybox, and it’s not very good.

Should I get a custom one? Or just stick with it.

If not what’s the best trick for a good nighttime map?
( I googled and came up empty. )

ninja’d? :razz:

remember me? :3:


Get Vue7 and you can create amazing skyboxes from that, or just download a custom premade