Skyboxes are sideways in all my maps

All right, a good while back, my skyboxes started appearing sideways when I got my maps in-game. I didn’t really pay much attention until now, when I’m making a huge, flat, featureless map.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong on this one?

I’m not even sure how you could fuck up so hard that that would happen.
So in other words, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

That’s not sideways, it’s stretched.
The general rule for this is to just add “_hdr” to the end of the skybox name.

Can I just, nudge in here and say, please don’t release a flat a featureless map :ohdear:

Problem then (as far as I’ve seen it) anything below the horizon then becomes a stretched image of whatever the last skybox pixels were. Somehow, packing the skybox into the map rectifies both problems.

My god, someone agreed with me! But in all seriousness OP, if you’re making a map, include something in your map which seperates it from every other generic map already out there for Garry’s Mod, good luck man!

Can I just nudge in here and say he didn’t state he was releasing it, everyone has to start somewhere guys, people aren’t born mapping gods, ok well maybe one or two are but still.

Neither did I or did I assume that, I was merely saying.

Does this issue happen on just maps that you’ve created or on all maps in Gmod? Also do you get the same issue if you try and play the map in a different source game?

Already have the solution, it’s his maps.

Oh dears guys, we’ve had a misunderstanding. Don’t worry, there’s no danger of me releasing an inane pile of brushes and calling it a map, I don’t have the patience for mapping (I barely have the patience to align a 3D skybox), I’m just building sets for comics and figured you guys would know the most about the issues I was running into - which you did, it’s all in order now. Thanks for the help, guys.