Saw a guy today building skybridges over bases using either pillars turned sideways or railings. It was hard to tell because he was so far up, but i was damn near close to 10 blocks long (past the original foundation) suspended in the air. Any idea how he did this with the current state of stability?

There have been weird glitches for at least the past few months (maybe much longer) where you can build up, demolish the lower floors, and the upper floor just hangs in the air. This would allow you to build a skybridge out about 2-3 blocks, but not much further.

Yesterday I noticed that I could build a foundation in midair inside a cave. Then I was able to replicate it on the beach. Haven’t been able to get it again, but there’s definitely an issue with floating parts.

I haven’t seen it happen yet, but before the Monday update, you could build stairs to nowhere by placing small wooden boxes on top of each other. Viewed from a distance, the small boxes don’t load, thus creating he illusion that someone is flying.

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Just tested it, You can still do it. Although, with fall damage, I don’t understand how well it would work.

Were you on Seattle? If you were, it was probably me. I haven’t seen anyone else making them that are like you are describing.

Not sure if the image worked but that’s my house
The bridge you see sticking out of it is 52 long, would have went longer but I ran into a rock at the end. The pillars that look like they are holding it up near the back of the house were actually put on afterwards from that foundation because it looked cool and thought it would trick some of the people who came to look at it.
With a little practice you can place floors between pillars, making the floor stand up like a wall. After that, pillars will sick straight out horizontally and you can put walls out to complete the bridge but that’s just for safety, you could just walk the pillar. Here is some diving platforms I have done and landed me neatly inside or on top of peoples bases. then when I destroyed the bottom, was left with this and you can see part of the building crumble we attacked

here is a shorter

Pillars don’t know they are sideways, the stability is based off of how many are stacked. Its no different than stacking pillars straight up in the air.

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No, you can definitely build it straight a huge number of spaces… look at my screenshots. sometimes when you destroy the foundations, the big blocks fall but leaves the floating bridge.