SkyHigh V2/Floating islands/ttt/ Name undecided.

Could some mod change the name of this thread to “ttt_SkyLands WIP”? Thanks!

I have recently started working on a sequel to rp_SkyHigh.
found here:
This will probably be a long-term project, Like the original so I’ll post updates in this thread whenever I make something new on the map.
It is going to be a complete remake and I’ll possibly have my good friend Todarac make some islands too. The plan is to make it a TTT map because well, come on. A TTT map on floating islands would be simply awesome, right?

Here’s what the map looks like right now:

Tips, Ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated!

interiors need a lot of work.
and i dont suggest using big logs for stair railings.
also, put some rock models to spice up those cliffs.

Aw man, i was planning on making a floating island TTT map.

Looks amazing except for the repetetive textures.

Loved the first one Stinger, good luck on this one!

I suggest something that looks like the first one:
You spawn in a high floating land that is ripped from another part right?

The Medieval theme fits this and you should conjure a floating castle that is torn apart like most lands.

You should place more hidden obelisk like the one you placed in near the land where you spawn. [sp]The rock that heals you if you stay for a short amount of time and blows you to the other end of the map once attacked.[/sp]

Ruins perhaps?

same shape of lands like the first one not some blocky excuse for a land.

thats all.
going to look more into something else.
will be waiting for it.

Everything looks good so far, but you should change the grass texture and more foliage would be great.

Perhaps more detailed interiors, or buildings/rooms that look like they have a real purpose? A lot of the rooms in the first one were just empty boxes, essentially.

I like the idea of having a floating island with half a castle on it, torn in half.
yeah. Defiantly putting that into the planning for the map.

I wouldnt mind seeing a sci fi ish docking area, well, cross between sci fi and steam punk, something like the anime Last Exile or Nick’s Skyland.

Nicks skyland might be better reference as it used actual floating islands where in Last Exile, they just used flying structures.

Keep up with the good work.


Sometime around November, I formatted my computer but forgot to save the map files. so the project was put on hold.
(That’s the “snip” above. I thought I would never resume so there was no real point to say anything)

Recently, a new gaming community called “Cidereal gaming” Started up however, and that gave me the motivation to start over again. this time, using newly learned optimizing skills and more custom content.

Feedback and ideas are, as always very much appreciated. ^^

EDIT: also, the name will be “ttt_skylands” if no one can think of anything better.

Love the idea. There is texture stretching in your second photo but you probably noticed that. The rocks sticking out of the side just look odd to me, maybe giving more volume to the floating island could make it look better.

Reminds me of the Unigine Heaven benchmark.

And overall looks great! but work a bit more on the lighting and maybe change the grass texture to a more green one.

Looks very good so far, later on I would suggest using detailsprites on the grass to make the ground feel more alive!

Update with screenshots of the Broken Castle, The castle is still WIP but I’m getting close to finishing the big island with the stonehenge thing on it. I am aware the banners look wierd.

The Stonehenge thing is actually a Traitor-checker. and I’m planning on adding a sort of alternate winning scenario.

Also, How do I change the name of the topic? I’d like it to be “TTT_Skylands WIP”

Looks awesome. That traitor room is pretty unique.

Spent this whole weekend figuring out how to make breakable models in source, Here’s the result: