SkyNET assaulting the Resistance - Now with wider stitch, new scenebuild and more effort.

Now with 80% more plasma, boom and effort.

This time I have the original too:

I need a break from stitching.

That looks great!

The only tiny tiny tiny comment I have is that the perspective from the lights on the rock looks a bit weird, since (I guess) the car is driving behind the rocks.

Otherwise this looks frikkin’ great. Wallpaper quality!

Thanks. The light from the lights isn’t actually light, it’s just the glow from the lights.

Like I said, it’s a symphony of awesome.

Jesus christ this is amazing.

Magnificent, but the fog is terrible.


You never stop amazing me Joazzz.

This is so amazing!

The posing is beyond awesome, the angle you picked is great and the scenebuild is fucking superb.

But a bit C&C from my point of view wont hurt… The blue atmosphere is overwhelming, maybe the battleground should react better to lights(The rocks and debris should be more bright and yellow-ish/orange-ish around the explosion, the muzzleflashes should emit more light) Also the smoke/dust looks a bit bright.

If i had a 3755 x 1024 monitor this surely would make a great wallpaper man.

The impacts on that guy are glowing for some reason

The Future War scenes of The Terminator were shot through a strong blue colour filter, so I used a strong blue filter here too.


now THAT is what i meant!

Fucking fantastic.


Just because it’s over-whelming doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. This is pretty much how the scenes looked in all of the films (dis-regarding salvation… :v:)


I agree with this though, look at the buildings at the back Joazzz, they look like big grey blocks.

They are :v:

Well, I didn’t have any destroyed building models, so I had to use PHX blocks and cover them with fog :tinfoil:

Really nice. Brilliant scene build, editing and posing :buddy:

hahaha :v:

Resistance is getting owned.
Nice pic it’s really wide…

The effects are too saturated compared to the whole iamge with blue-ish desaturated tint. Just apply the color correction at the end. The enviroment could react to all the fancy colors more, too. And the blue glow around the tracers looks isn’t emitting any light at all. Just blue glow.

You could try adding some white blurred overlay brushing over the glow.

Apart from those things, it’s great.

Thats very cool, especially the boom <3

The posing is also good, except the dead/injured guy with a rifle wearing a hat, he looks unrealystic.

Oh, I totally didn’t, I added it before I did anything else.

Which would make them glow even more, and I didn’t want to make the bloom too strong. So no.


In the movie, When one of the resistance members gets shot by a plasma round you see a glowing impact behind him where the plasma went through him.