SkyNET awakes - US Air Force desperately assaults the Cheyenne Mountain complex.

Yeh trying to be all artistic with the background story.

And before some other nerd points out that the crazy computer actually took a shit in 1997, fuck you, this is my own timeline because I wanted Raptors.

Stop being awesome.
No wait.
Keep being awesome and make more Terminator pictures!

I really like how you made the wings shatter :buddy:

I seriously love those wings

it would just be nice to see some source for those flaks

Yea, it would be better if you could see the muzzleflashes from the AA guns, or the impacts from the jet’s weapons.

Another really cool thing would have been to add some AA missiles from the ground flying up past the squadrons.

Still really cool.

'Nuff said.

tracers are a bit short, especially from the a-10s - they should be more or less a constant stream of light


also i think america uses red tracers in basically everything, but i could be wrong there

pew pew pew pew pew pew

But I don’t like red tracers :C

I think I’ll fix the A10 tracers and add the AA missiles.

Damn son. The only problem I have with this picture are the low quality models.

Now THAT’S what I like to see. You are no longer allowed to make anything unrelated to air combat.

the perspective and overall quality of the background are off but reference images are scarce so whatever cool sauce

Try and stop me.


Looks like a videogame! :buddy:

Because it’s made from a videogame

For some reason I actually think this is a good thing…

Awesome work, as always. Keep up the good work Joazzz!

Something fresh, and sleek.
Just need some better ground image but I’m too picky.

ive seen this before

Are you retarded