Skype and in game chat at the same time?

Is it possible to speak to someone on skype but also be able to use the in game voice chat?


Set your skype call to push to talk on teh same button as in Rust.

Or separate them so you have 2 channels. Team vs proximity.

My crew hands free on vent, then PTT in Proximity.

Edit: You might get echos when your team is near if you have them both mapped. Nothing game stopping, but slightly annoying maybe. Just maybe.

TeamSpeak is so much better

Steamchat has been working well for me but teamspeak is definitely way way better.

Of course it’s possible. I do it all the time, with EVERY game.

Wait how do I do this. I want to be able to always talk to my friend without pushing any buttons and I want to be able to press V to talk to people in game.

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How do I do this with skype ?