Skyrim Creatures

Wild creatures of Skyrim. Also megapack that includes and merges all my other recent Skyrim packs. (Beast races, weapons, armour, dragons, and this pack.)

Other packs located here (that the mega pack covers):

Skyrim Male Argonian Pack

Skyrim Female Argonian Pack

Skyrim Male Khajiit Pack

Skyrim Female Khajiit Pack

Skyrim Dragons Pack


  • Almost all creatures from Skyrim
  • Eye posing for bear, dog, giant, hagraven, sabrecat, werewolf, and wolf
  • Face posing for bear, dog, draugr, falmer, giant, hagraven, sabrecat, and wolf
  • Finger and toe posing for dragonpriest, draugr, dwarven sphere, falmer, giant, mudcrab, sabrecat, werewolf, and hagraven
  • Bodygrouped mudcrab rocks
  • Bigger and smaller sizes for chaurus, mudcrab, werewolf, and spider
  • Alternate skins for bear, cow, dragonpriest, fox, spider, wolf, horse, hagraven, and sabrecat


Creatures Pack: (Werewolf included.)

Mega Pack (Includes everything I did for Skyrim) (Werewolf included.)


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Something… special somewhat broken stuff some people wanted and you that may or may not want to add to your Skyrim collection:

Toe Poser:

Bodygroup and Skin Changer:

[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

  • Some models have texture/mesh errors. Not much I could have done.
  • Draugr and falmer helmets have the prefix of creature_ because it fits their heads better than the npc helmets.


Pictures kindly provided by TheMask

[sub][sub]That’s a lot of images.[/sub][/sub]

As always Oogaboogaman, your ports are always my favorite.


Incredible. You are the God of the models.

The latest ports are made of win!

I almost don’t know a shit 'bout Skyrim, but these Models my Canadian Sir, are Awesome!
Downloading when i get home!

Also, 6th pic; “If you gotta do it, you gotta do it, even while hunting.”

He has done it again! As always thanks a lot, can’t wait for your next project, hope werewolf will be done as well :open_mouth:

Seen the mudcrap, downloaded within a second.

THANKS you are awesome !!!

This is probably the best port to GMod so far.
Thanks for this!

All the creatures in Skyrim? Sign me up!

If this includes the Atronachs, bonus! For now, Giant Enemy Mudcrab.

begins maniacal laughter

Do you know when Nexus release the Nords?

Do you understand,oogaboogaman, that you are GODLIKE?!

WOAH!!! Great models!!! :smiley: love the giants (not literally…ew)

lol @ the wolf taking a wizz xD

If i’d get a hot chick everytime i see you making an awesome release…

I’d have quita a Harem.

Thank you!!

and thus God gives us models for our liking

Cant even express myself right now :rolleyes:

Fucking awesome :rock:

Yes… YES! YES!!

Holy crap how the hell did I forget about the werewolf? I’ll merge it with the megapack and creatures pack soon.