Skyrim Female Argonians

More scaly content.

This pack is designed to merge with my other Skyrim pack, located here:


[tab]Description:[/tab] Skyrim female argonians in almost all armours and clothes sets.


  • 51 armour/clothes sets (I think)
  • 4 skin tones (tan, dark orange/brown, light pale blue, and green) Change via skins
  • 4 eye types (2 colours and 2 types of pupils (line or circle)) Change via skins
  • 11 types of head horns bodygrouped
  • 2 types of brow horns bodygrouped
  • Feathers bodygrouped
  • Finger posing
  • Toe posing
  • Eye posing
  • Minor face posing


Main download:


You will need this first Skyrim pack here for this female pack to work.**


Toe Poser:

Bodygroup and Skin Changer:

[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

  • The models are organized by what it is, what make it is, and who it is for. e.g. argonian_m_ebony, shield_glass, weapon_daedric_bow, helmet_iron
  • All headwear, being a hat or a helmet, are named helmet_ for the sake of organizing.


Very beautiful work as usual.

Oh snap!


More Argonians!! Yeah! High five!

marry me ooga

i love you, man!


Uploading now.

Will you be porting the monsters as well Ooga? :rolleyes:

I didn’t mean upload it for me. Just point me in the right direction. Sorry if I worded it wrong. Updated OP.

Also it seems you’re getting the same error too? Wait, how did you upload that size without the site timing out?

I want to. Can’t say anything until I finish the Khajiit and dragons.

Excellent work.


Can’t wait till this happens.


Thumbs up. Nice port there. Although I notice the male and female Nord still eludes the porters.

Probably because they’re just humans. Not really interesting.


There’s actually files that are larger than that already on site, so I dunno. shrug

What is your upload speed? Maybe my upload speed is too slow for the site that it times out or something. According to, my upload speed is 0.79mbps.