Skyrim Female Khajiit

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This pack is designed to merge with my other Skyrim packs, located here:

Skyrim Male Argonian Pack

Skyrim Female Argonian Pack

Skyrim Male Khajiit Pack


[tab]Description:[/tab] Skyrim female khajiit in almost all armours and clothes sets.


  • 51 armour/clothes sets (I think)
  • 3 skin tones (black, red, pale blue) Change via skins
  • 4 eye types (2 colours and 2 types of pupils (line or circle)) Change via skins
  • Face posing (Lower ears for helmets via face posing)
  • 12 types of head hair bodygrouped
  • 8 types of ear rings bodygrouped
  • Finger posing
  • Toe posing
  • Eye posing


Main download:


You will need the male and female argonian packs for this female khajiit pack to work.**

Male argonian pack:

Female argonian pack:

Female argonian farmer shoes fix:

Toe Poser:

Bodygroup and Skin Changer:

[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

  • The models are organized by what it is, what make it is, and who it is for. e.g. khajiit_f_ebony, shield_glass, weapon_daedric_bow, helmet_iron_khajiit_f
  • All headwear, being a hat or a helmet, are named helmet_ for the sake of organizing.




That area behind the ears, that’s where you scratch.

This is amazing. :smile:

Downloading now.

My only wish for the Khajiits is another facial flex that folds back the ears instead of making them smaller, as in Skyrim, when angered or in combat, khajiit ears do fold back.

This is great. Downloading

I never knew that. Interesting.

You learn more everyday!

I suppose it wouldn’t be bad to know that right now I am working on a pose of a female khajiit making out with a female argonian, both in underwear.

Can we expect human ports as well?

Human ports from oogaboogaman? PREPOSTEROUS!

Not from me.

Not that it’s a huge deal but I always felt slightly enraged that you have such a high skill and use it only on non-human characters. Look at DNF models for example. Props (jason) Aliens (you)? Done perfectly.

Duke? uh… woops :v:

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If you don’t mind me asking, why do you only do non-human?

The reason why I started learning how to port stuff was the complete lack of aliens and monsters/beasts here in Gmod and Facepunch. The usual thing you see are humans and people, stuff like US marines and army factions and COD and weapons and whatnot. Not saying that those models are bad, but there was an extreme lack of love for monsters and stuff. I just wanted something different… something different than the usual humans and weapons.

I guessed if I wanted something done I’d have to do it myself, and here I am. :v:

There are very skilled people out there who do a nice job porting from the human category, just not me. I know it’s expected to make some people angry, but all I can tell them is to not expect that stuff from me. :v:

who needs human models anyway when you have the inflator tool to fix that

I know but it just seems like, you do these huge packs in very short periods of time and they’re perfect. Over in the batman ports thread there’s hardly any new ragdolls at all in the entire time it’s been up. I guess what I’m saying is, the effect that caused you to do this, (no love for monster characters) makes me feel the same way about humans that matter. Sure these COD models are a dime a dozen but I don’t refer to those. I refer to humans that matter like Two-face, or maybe Robin, Duke, etc.




Your story is where I see myself in later days except on a large variety of things.

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Not sure if this makes sense

That is true for full armour sets, except the tail might get in the way in some shots.

Haha that is true. Yay for motivation! If you want to learn, I highly suggest watching Mariokart64n’s TUTXX video series.

To be honest, I had zero prior experience with 3d models before I watched these. I ended up porting Godzilla 1998 (Gino) right after. If I can do it, anyone can. :v: (assuming you have 3ds Max in my case.) I then bloomed after that first ragdoll and began learning a lot of new things by myself.

Hold the fucking phone

Your first model port was that big ass Godzilla model? This must be model porting tutorial steroids

Thank you.


Uuuuh, he’s saying that the tuts are outdated

and the post informing that its outdated is 9 months old

Yeah, both being old is true. However, the method of porting hasn’t changed. Gmod and Half-Life 2 is still the good old Source engine; nothing has changed much over the years (other than new shaders and technology I guess.)

Awesome stuff here mang. Once more you’ve out done yourself.
I personally love the fact you stick to aliens and monsters an stuff. Humans are just so boring incomparison. :v:

More Critters! Great Pack … as always!
Thank you!