Skyrim model's needed

This is a Request/help post. I would like some one to make some skyrim models for me or send me a link to the game data so i can do them myself. And its not just the race models but other’s like food, seat’s, armor, forge stuff and more. As well as there was a mod for the bodies and face i would like to see used and some other mod’s. And on a side note i do have Oogaboogaman’s skyrim pack. Anywho i would be really grateful for any help you people can give me. :smile:

There you go fine sir :slight_smile:

auumm I know how to port i just need the models for porting in the gmod…But thank you anyway.

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auumm Thank’s but i all ready know how to port i just need the models from the game so i can port it to Garry’s mod. But thank you for trying to help me out.

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sorry for the two post facepunch was acting up on me

make me a list of the ones you want.