Skyrim Ragdolls Request

Well, it’s no secret that Skyrim has some excellent looking models and there are more than a few that would make awesome ragdolls. However, I’m here to request a select few. If anyone chooses to work on any of the below then obviously I’ll leave the decision up to the person working on it.

The wolf
The Werewolf
The Sabre Cat
The Draugr

Just to see one of these as a model would be excellent.

ANOTHER Skyrim request thread? Does no one use search anymore?

I apologize, I hadn’t realized that there was a universal thread that encompassed all Skyrim requests.

It would be helpful since I didn’t see anything of the sort when I did use the search bar.

Its just the fact that there have already been three or four Skyrim Request threads including mine.

As of now, Nexus is working on Nords, and Argonians are the only ones that have been released.

Very well, sorry for the inconvenience.