Skyrim Rp Mod

This idea popped into my head, but me being a mapper, not a coder, didn’t have the skills to create it. The idea would be to have the same setup as a DarkRp, but have different jobs, bigger maps, and more items. And instead of 1 Mayor, depending on the map size, you could have multiple Jarl’s with 1 Emperor over them.

-Emperor (Leads everything/Figure head)
-Jarl (Takes place of Mayor)
-Vendor (those small stalls/shops you see in towns)
-Blacksmith (Can create armor and weapons for people instead of guns)
-Hunter ->Can Gather food
-Farmer ->Can Gather food
-Add more?

-High Elves
-Wood Elves
-Dark Elves
==Custom Abilities for Each race?==

>Set to go with Different Races
>Swords -broken into divisions like armor-
>Mace -" “-
>Ax -” "-
>Spell Tomes -Used to learn spells
>Enchantments -Can be put on items
>Soul Gems ^^^^^

-Dark Brotherhood
-Thieves Guild
-Bards/Winterhold College
-Add more?

<# All could be Community Defined and customized #>

System of Gold, and maybe skills? (Skills may get to out of hand)

Well, thats what i'll i'v thought of... if you guys want to add more, just post a comment below.

If you like or don’t like right about it also.

Or did you get this from the post 3 below?

LOL I completed my skyrim rp xD Thank god im not using DarkRP base

Your saying “my” like you coded it, which I don’t think you telling by your request… You could say like my team or something that gives the people the proper credit just to be nice… Anyways, you shouldn’t use DarkRP has the base, you should have the person you hire to make it a custom gamemode or off a other base.

But please…

Sorry sorry, didn’t see the post, an this is more of a community thing, so it doesn’t have to be based of dark rp… And it was just an Idea, don’t need to rip…