Skyrim SNPCs (Including dragons)

Name: Skyrim SNPCs
**Version: **1.0
**Download: **See below

Media[/T] [T]

● 11 Different types of dragons
● Rideable Horses
● Regular Mudcrab and legendary mudcrab
● Flame Atronach and Frost Atronach
● Chaurus, Chaurus Hunter
● Frostbite Spiders
● Dwarven Spider, Sphere and Centurion
● 6 different types of draugr
● 5 different types of falmer
● Possessor SWEP
All of them are possessable (including the dragons) with the possessor SWEP.



GMOD12 is not supported anymore!


If there are any issues please let me know.
Please do not post requests here and do not ask for any of my other SNPCs.

VERY GOOD. I think if you released you fallout ones you would get like over 20k dls in one week.

Next step… release your fallout NPCs :DDD

Holy crap! Amazing job! I’m totally jealous of your skills. You are like a god of porting.

Amazing, but Aftermath is even better.

what??? that GMOD MAP in fallout or it´s a MEGA FALLOUT GMOD MOD??

Well I didn’t even think this was going to happen, silverlan, but very cool.

joejoerman what you said made no sense at all, it’s Aftermath, also made by silverlan.

Will Half-Life Renaissance work with this?

Because, i dont want to get Skyrim SNPCs, but lose all my HL stuff.

it would appear not,

still seeing if i can fix it though

Oh, nice to know

So, i will wait for both to be stable, so i can use them together.

Can’t decide to lua king or to give winner. Hmm.

the base is broken

odegraph.lua:3] attempt to call global ‘ParseGraphFile’ (a nil value)

[@addons\slv_base\lua\autorun\slvbase_sh_init.lua:4] loop or previous error loading module ‘nodegraph’
[@addons\slv_base\lua\autorun\slvbase_sh_init.lua:4] loop or previous error loading module ‘nodegraph’
[addons\skyrim\lua\autorun\sky_sh_init_dragons.lua:19] attempt to index global ‘SLVBase’ (a nil value)
[@addons\slv_base\lua\autorun\slvbase_sh_init.lua:4] loop or previous error loading module ‘nodegraph’
[addons\skyrim\lua\autorun\sky_sh_init_npcs.lua:10] attempt to index global ‘SLVBase’ (a nil value)
[@addons\slv_base\lua\autorun\slvbase_sh_init.lua:4] loop or previous error loading module ‘nodegraph’

I get an error when I try to spawn any of the 4 NPCs; It just says “sorry! you can’t spawn that NPC!”
Tried deleting HLR: Rennaisance but it still happens, any ideas?

the base

is broken

gotta wait for silverlan to fix it

though it didn’t work on the old base either what the fuck

It’s not. You need to remove everything from the old SLVBase.

Is the svn base you download via svn from aftermath compatible? or is 1.8 newer than that?

huh that’s what i was just attempting


There might be some issues with the version from the svn. 1.8 is newer, but I’ll make sure to update the svn soon.

That fixed it! Thanks Silverlan :slight_smile:

still broken for me

still the same errors

i even deleted my entire graphs folder what the fuck

Remove the “a_star_pathfinding.lua”, “gm_aigraph.dll”, “gm_tracex.dll” and “nodegraph.lua” from “garrysmod/lua/includes/modules/”