Skyrim Weapons, Armour, and Male Argonians

I think this is the biggest pack I’ve done. Probably bound to have some errors. :v:


[tab]Description:[/tab] Skyrim male argonians in almost all armours and clothes sets. Also almost all weapons and shields to go with those sets.


  • 51 armour/clothes sets
  • 3 skin tones (green, light blue, and brown) Change via skins (Feel free to change their skin tones to match your character as I was limited to only 3 in Source.)
  • 6 eye types (3 colours and 2 types of pupils (line or circle)) Change via skins
  • 10 types of head horns bodygrouped
  • 2 types of brow horns bodygrouped
  • Feathers bodygrouped
  • Finger posing
  • Toe posing
  • Eye posing
  • Minor face posing
  • Bows have poseable strings (ragdoll)

[tab]Download:[/tab] ( times out for some reason.)

Test and buggy version of Odahviing dragon until some pack is released whenever.

Toe Poser:

Bodygroup and Skin Changer:

I have included the source files for use with 3ds Max 8 (and probably above too) with a mini tutorial on how to easily create headhacks or possible nord versions of the armours.

[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

  • The models are organized by what it is, what make it is, and who it is for. e.g. argonian_m_ebony, shield_glass, weapon_daedric_bow, helmet_iron
  • All headwear, being a hat or a helmet, are named helmet_ for the sake of organizing.


Also made a couple of comics **

that contain some spoilers to the main quests in Skyrim:


[sub][sub][sub]Happy holidays I guess.[/sub][/sub][/sub]

good sir,very good
can you make some skyrim food?

You are awesome GOOD DAY SIR!

holy god

Amazing, although did you say somewhere that somebody is working on the same deal but with nords? Argonians don’t really fit any of my posing ideas.

holy balls, they look awesome

Yeah, These models are awesome, but, hell… Some Nords would be cool too.

This toooootally made my day. I can only give you a winner rating, i’m sorry. You deserve at least a private yacht, with hot chicks and a million dollar.

Now i’m only waiting for… Odahviing.

I have problems while downloading the file. It does not download preoperly and I only get the materials.

This is very good but uh… Why nothing but argonians?

How about Khajiits?

Looks lovely. Download now :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. Especially helmets.
Waiting for Paarthurnax, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and ugh… Lydia. :smile:

I waited for the release of the Argonians. Perfect for the use with the other Lizard-Thingies!
Now i need some swamp maps to make some interesting pics.
And if you will release some Dragons … Damn! That would kick ass!
This pack alone is simply awesome! I will have great use for the medieval
weapons! Thank you!

and i wanted to say, that because of people like you, GMod will live for a loong time.

Very nice release, shame you only did the Argonian males though. We need some Khajiits and Orcs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! Now I really wish someone did that headhack I wanted. But I’ll just live with these. I mean I would do it myself if I knew how to mess with head hacking… Ahhhh fuck it I’ll try.

Edit: Fuck this! To hard for me.

Neato. Great work here, although I’m not personally a fan of argonians.


Epic,but I am still hoping for some monsters
Not boss monsters or dragons
But just normal enemy monsters

I want some of the humans…what do you call them? Neardos or something?