Skyward Sword - Mogmas

This is my first real release of anything, so…

Straight from Skyward Sword comes the Mogmas! Their fingers can be posed some and the face can be posed as well, with bodygroups included! You’ll need a Bodygroup changer; you can change the hair and/or the mask on it, so enjoy!

Haha so awesome! thanks :slight_smile:

I was just woundering if i was ever gonna see them out of their holes. :v:

I was, too. I thought the model was going to be the torso and up, but apparently not. My thanks to Nintendo for not cutting corners. :]

so I know this isn’t probably the right place to put this but are the Skyloftians, and other characters being worked on? also love the mogmas

If you search up skyward sword on there’s another pack with more models. I believe Tilloile is working on some.

All these Skyward Sword models being added recently makes me wonder why no one is has done Groose yet.

I’ve done his picture you see hanging in his room. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also working on Fledge. He’s about done, I need to fine tune the collisions some more.

Oh man, I hype the day Groose and Fledge are released then.