| GENESIS: Infection Roleplay [Severance]

Hello, i am here to advertise a server of a community called Slackers Gaming.
Some people might know us from our popular DarkRP server which we had one year ago.

Extra Information:
In our server, we will try to make the roleplay as interesting and developable as possible.
The environment will have alot of details and any character can change the direction of the story-development.
Major events are scheduled and usually they lead to major story and environment changes.


Screenshots of the server coming as soon as possible.

Disseminate from Necropolis and Davebrown from Taco N Banana for giving a permission to use some of their content.
Proffrink from Aperture Roleplay for special support.
Forums: **

** Server:**

IP: (20 slots, more slots coming once the server reaches popularity.)

We do have a FastDL, but a link for the first official content pack will be here soon.

This actually looks promising, nice work.

Wow, nice advertisement. Haven’t play Infection Roleplay yet, I’ll play once your server is on.

Thank you, server will hopefully get up later today.

I really wouldn’t want to delay this, but we have some personal issues inside the community.

I will be trying this out once it has players.

I look forward to trying this out. Good work. Good luck!