Semi-Serious Roleplay (SLA RP, Based on DarkRP)

**What is SLA RP?
**SLA RP, is based on DarkRP. It is a lot (i suppose) better version of the normal DarkRP, and has a lot of changes.

**And what is the differences?

**Compared to DarkRP, you can not get a job by using F4 Menu. NPCs are over all the map, and you can interact with them. Talk with the related NPC to get the related job.

**Salary has been removed. You can earn money by working! Collect junk and put it in the trashdumpster to get money, help Kleiner clearing his headcrab-filled garden, help the janitor cleaning up the junk falling from the sky (due to airplanes), and a lot more!
This prevents people from just going AFK and then earn money for nothing!

**New HUD:
**The HUD has been replaced with a lot more nice-looking one.

**If you suicide or kill yourself accidently, you will respawn as a ghost. Ghosts cant be seen, and everybody can go through him. Ghosts can go to the Altar to be revived.

**Help Kleiner cleaning up his headcrab-filled garden, grab all the junk falling from the sky (with a timelimit), clean junk from the streets, and a lot more! You earn money by doing these minigames.

**You can store your money in the bank! You can max carry 5000 pounds in your wallet, but you can store as much as you want in your bank.

**Grief Ball:
**The city has their own Grief Ball area. (A football game where you can pick the ball up with your hands). Speak to Eli to find out how to play this!

This is a extremely modified version of DarkRP, be welcome to check it out!
Compared to all these “customised” versions of DarkRP, where just some models got replaced, this is extremely modified and nearly a new gamemode.

There is a LOT more features in this gamemode, go and check it out!


Here is some screenshots:

Talk with the related npcs, to get the related jobs! Most jobs are simply objectives that everyone can do, like cleaning the streets!

Store your money in the bank!

Earn money by doing minigames as well!

This actually might work, since its a semi-serious roleplay.

I might join later

I have tried to sort out the problems DarkRP had. (Like people were able to join, rdm, and then leave)

People can not f.ex be Gundealer in this, neither can they be mayor.
There is even a package system, where you can send packages to other people, using Package Marker tool. Then you just put it in a mailbox, and it will be sent to the delivery office.
Delivery workers can earn money by delivering these packages to other people. (The faster they do it, the more money they get). It costs to send a package though, so it cant be used to cheat.

The IKEA shop in OvisCity (the map we are using), is working 100% as well. (Click E on the prop to buy it). If someone owns the shop, then he will get the money.

You can store items (props and such) temporary in the bank, and it will be transported to the bankvault, and will be shown in your bankaccount. If you remove the item from the bankvault (using Hands or anything), the item will be removed from your bank account as well. ( So it is possible to rob the bank)

Looks pretty cool, I’m working on modding DarkRP myself. Do you have a website?

Just another DarkDM.

Semiserious… Just call it non serious because no serious roleplayer will play with unroleplaying mingers.

Well. IF you try to play it before saying anything, Axiom, i would appreciate your critism.

Dino Penis. Try to play it before saying anything.
This is very different from the normal DarkRP, if you tried it.
First of all, there is no Wire or PHX3.
Then, there is no gundealer at all, and it is not a DM.
Just please try it out before saying anything. (Yes i repeat myself.)

Luke Williams, yes.

Gonna take some screenshots of the gamemode.

Looks nice.

Looks pretty fun.

Get out, it probably has more roleplay than your server.

I guarantee it doesn’t because I play on his server

Ok then, Have you played on SLA’s server?

I have not and that is the reason I haven’t said that it is a DM-fest yet

If you’ve never played it, then it’s impossible to say another is better

great logic buddy

Well, Roflwafflezz. Have you ever played on one of our servers?
Try the SLA RP out? Its way different from DarkRP. (Yes i repeat myself)

Your more than an average player. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sup Lewis, Also looks nice enough to play but I’m normally to busy to play games anymore especially the fact I’m trying to get over my girl friend she broke up with me today.

Just joined and played for a bit, that was awesome.
Also the fact that you can earn money while being alone on the server.

I just hate that I can’t find the Kleiner minigame, only the trash falling from the sky one.

How many times do your internet girlfriends break up with you a week? Its the fucking internet, quit moaning.

Hey, I’ve known her for 2 years. We went out in april and broke up then and recently started going backout now we’ve broken up again.

I’ve only had 2 online relationships.