SeriousRP 24/7 - RP_DOWNTOWN_V2!

Hey Guys,

Would like to advertise the new Serious Roleplaying server.

The server is brand new, as originally was made for TTT Servers (Trouble In Terrorist Town). So if you have any suggestions/ideas/critisisms, please contact me on steam (yadadabooboo)

In The Server :

  • CSS Realistic Weapons
  • Many Custom Jobs
  • (NEW) Drug Dealer NPC
  • Good Paying Wage
  • Active Friendly Administrators

Drug Dealer NPC (MORE INFO):

Well as many of you who have read the features above you would have read the Drug Dealer NPC, now this is a new addition to the server. Our leader ( | SLA | Chrik ) is a brilliant coder, and has come up with a new NPC which you can sell your drugs to. Now this NPC is located underground in the trainstation. However, you can not spawn drugs near this dealer, as the NPC will not allow you too (Thats Awsome) thus prevent spam.

IP Address :

See You There Hopefully :slight_smile:

Gourlay95 Aka Mr. Breen

Many custom jobs isn’t really something to boast about, if you encourage roleplay you would cut the number down to a few core jobs.

Also consider a different map, downtown_v2 is so overused it’s become unfun to play on. There are far more maps which cater to roleplay server needs now.

Hex, we are brand new and hardly have any users on the server, we need a small map not an overly big one! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Understandable, I thought you were bigger for some reason :v:

If you keep a map that most people have, you will attract players, then maybe you can consider swapping it for a different map when you have regulars.

Yeah, we have some TTT servers which are full on a daily basis, but we decided to bring a SLA RP Server to the Garrysmod World :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, your very helpfull :slight_smile:

We have also added npcs and scripted some entities in darkrp to interact with the npcs. Like a drugdealer you can sell the drugs to.

If it is a drugdealer npc you downloaded, from then it is bugged, just letting you know.

I coded the drugdealer myself. So not its not just something from