SLAGaming Serious Roleplay Server

Arent you tired of all this DarkRP roleplay, that only attract minges and such? Me too!
Therefore, SLAGaming have started a serious roleplay server. It is based on Cakescript, with newspapers, npcs, and more! No physgun.

The NPCs does not affect roleplay too much, as you can not buy drugs/weapons from them. (You got to talk with a specific npc to buy pets, for example.)

The roleplay theme is halflife 2, and we hope you will enjoy roleplaying on our server.

We are looking for mature admins as well, so please PM me if you are interested to help us.

The IP is

I’ll come by in a few minutes.

Assuming this is decent, I’d be willing to be a admin.


You need to update the server.

Sure i will .

I’ll come check it out.


Ok it’s not so bad, ok funny NPCs…

But why do they keep insulting me!

That is because I got the crazy idea that it would be fun if they insulted you.
Any suggestions?

Canon is fucked up here, amirite?
Pet system?
It’s used in DarkRP - trolololo

Why no physgun?

Pets =|= hl2rp

Pets system is a mod made by Spacetech, its not “only used” in DarkRP.

I modified it so you got to talk with a specific npc to buy a pet.
There is not a canon in Garrys Mod? If you talk about the gravitygun, then it is because we turned Falcos Prop Protection on, and to prevent propkilling.

This sounds like a troll that put effort into it. Either that or he doesn’t know real serious roleplay because you should know what Canon means. So my thoughts before joining are you don’t really know real serious roleplay and you just set that as the name. You don’t have “pets” in Hl2rp and nobody would buy drugs in Hl2, well maybe they would to be un-depressed, I guess I can see that but this doesn’t make sense…

I qft you

If I knew what “qft” was I’d respond more intelligently.

“Quote for truth” :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah.

Agreed with the all posts.

No controlled canon, no serious RP.

Pretty much, unless it’s Apocalyptic then you really don’t need a specific canon to follow… besides the obvious stuff.

Who said it had to be legit 200% super serious that followed every inch of “canon”? Personally, I don’t like roleplaying, and haven’t roleplayed in a long while, but if it’s a change to your typical generic “half-life 2” setting, I’d be willing to try it.

But then it’s not “Half-Life 2” roleplaying because there are no pets in Half-Life 2.

Atleast seen,

I removed Pets as well.

We need people who can help us making it more serious as well.

I’ll drop you a PM, I belive I can fix it before you gain crappy reputation.

Too late,