Slashers gamemode

Welcome to Slashers, the ultimate horror movie gamemode by Utopia-Games.

Slashers is an asymetrical gamemode based on many famous horror movies (especially slasher movies) that opposes a team of very cliché survivors against a powerful and scary killer. As a survivor you have to find jerrycans to fill the generator then turn on the radio to call the police and finally escape. As the killer, you have to kill all the survivors before they can escape. The spawn of every ressource is random at each game.

Each character is different and has a special ability that will help him survive or kill the others :

  • Trent (the jock) : has a very good stamina, can run away easily from the killer.
  • Lynda (the popular girl) : is notified of the police arrival and its position.
  • Sydney (the final girl) : is immuned to the killers main ability.
  • Audrey (the emo) : is immuned to fear and her heartbeat can’t be heard by the killer.
  • Marty (the junky) : has a better vision that helps him seeing in the dark.
  • Noah (the nerd) : has a detector that spot every living things nearby.
  • Rolland (the black that dies first) : has keys that allow him to lock and unlock doors.
  • Franklin (the fat guy) : is the strongest and has more health.
  • Gale (the skeptical cop) : has a revolver that can stun the killer.


  • Ghostface (Scream) : can see when a door is opened or closed nearby.
  • Jason (Friday the 13th) : can see the recent footprints left by the survivors.
  • Michael Myers (Halloween) : is slower but can spot a survivor until he’s dead.
  • the Proxy (Slender) : can appear and disapper when not visible by a survivor.
  • the Intruder (You’re Next) : can place many traps to track down and kill survivors.

There are actually five maps working with the gamemode, each one has its own killer associated :

slash_highschool (Ghostface map) : takes place in an american highschool at night, has 4 exits.
slash_summercamp (Jason map) : takes place in a summer camp in the middle of the woods at night, has 2 exits.
slash_selvage (Michael Myers map): takes place in small suburbs at Halloween night, has 2 exits.
slash_subway (Proxy map) : takes place in an abandoned train station at night, has 3 exits.
slash_lodge (Intruder map) : takes place in a mountain lodge at a snowy night, has 2 exits.

Many maps and killers are planned by the team, here’s what is actually being worked on :

  • **slash_nightmare **: a map based on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, coming with the Freddy Krueger killer.
  • **slash_farm **: a map based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, coming with the Leatherface killer.
  • **slash_abandoned **: a map based on the Saw franchise, coming with the Jigsaw killer.
  • Weapons for the survivors to defend themselves against the killer.
  • Fat guy’s new ability that allow him to heal his team.
  • Bleeding system.

We also made a strawpoll to allow you to vote for your favorite map idea :

As you can see, we have MANY ideas for the future maps and killers, but you can make suggestions in the comments too !

10 players is a MAXIMUM, you can’t open a server with more slots or you will break the gamemode.
You can ONLY play on the official maps, if you want to convert an existing map for the gamemode, contact Steinman and leave a comment on his profile.
The gamemode was made with the goal of being as scary as possible, adding addons like Pointshop could totally break the immersion and atmosphere.
Want to make a custom map for the gamemode ? Feel free to contact Steinman by leaving a comment on his profile.
Don’t reupload the gamemode anywhere, this is the only link you need to be up to date.
This gamemode is absolutely free, don’t try to make money by selling this gamemode or a modified version.
The gamemode will be updated regularly, we have A LOT of ideas to make it live a very long time.
If you found bug, please create an issue on github.

Join the Steam group to get the latest news :

Play now on the official servers :

Server #1
Server #2 :
Server #3 :
Server #4 :
If you like this gamemode, feel free to join the Utopia-Games Steam group to get the latest news about our other and upcoming projects : 65646961732f736c6173686572732f637265646974732e706e 67

Utopia-Games :

Steinman: Game Designer, Level Designer, Sound Designer, UI help
Garrus2142: Main Developer
Daryl Winters (ME): Developer, Game Design help
Loris: 2D Artist
Anthon: Level Designer, VFX
Vyn: Developer
CptSprite: 2D Artist, UI
Others :**

TFA : Weapon base
NMRiH Team : Weapons models
Lenoax : Jason model
Ninja_Nub : Michael Myers model
jonty 789 : Ghostface model
Rokay : Proxy model
korka007 : Max Caufield model
Splinks : Jacket model
Gas “Froggy” Helmet : Fabiana Branco model
The Merry Dr. : Casual Gordon model
EtSilence : EtSilence personal model
MARK2580 : Moira Burton model
Half-Dead : Connor & Jack models
KERRY : Female Police model
ZeroChain : Bear Trap model

Download: Here :slight_smile: (Link will be functionnal very very soon)

Holy crap! I love this gamemode! Thanks for the public release!


I love your game mode very much. Do you need any help with the 3D modelling, by any chance?

I wouldn’t know how to do anything with Source, but I’d be delighted to provide you with any killer character models or even environment models you may require.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Hey ! We’d totally like to work with a 3D modeller yes, add me on Steam so we can discuss about it :

Some of the maps feel a bit sided for the killer, like the school, where there are several dead-ends. The killer also has a pretty strong nightvision, making it very hard to hide as survivors where you either get lucky when cutting a corner or tricking the killer onto another survivor.

Would it be fair to decrease the amount of nightvision the killer has, or giving it a limited range?

I feel like the killer’s secondary power should at least update on a timer like every 15s or so. I also wish folks had more ability to fight back, maybe like a shovel swep

The destructible doors are a nice touch and frightening

I don’t understand what you mean about the secondary power (the killer can hear the survivor’s heartbeat when he camps)

Otherwhise we have planned to add weapons for the survivors : mostly melee weapons like wrench or baseball bat and a rare hunting rifle with only one shot. They will work like the sheriff’s revolver but with a better stun time.