Ok here’s a pose I have
it’s an assasin killing a soldier
can someone help me edit the blades to make it look like it’s spinning?
and add some blood effects
Oh also C&C please.

Thanks in advance

why would an assassin use a loud motorized device.

Good posing, though the soldier’s face is too neutral.

ya i know
but he wasnt faceposeable or eyeposeable
so i couldn’t do anything about it

the auto axe thing is just a test on the motion blur thing
so i didn’t really think about that

How’s it testing motion blur if it isn’t spinning? :v:

the soldier is in such pain his face turned to plastic

There are a lot of ways to hide the head of a non-face poseable ragdoll. If you’re good at editing you should take a citizen face, face pose it and use it to replace the old face.

The simpliest way is to make the assassin cutting this guy’s back instead of his stomach.

Oh sry what i meant was if someone can edit it for me to make it look like it’s spinning