Slave of GMod

Before you start wondering - it is not finished and yes, you can get it from workshop and try it out.

(Small trailer that consists of zooming in/out and executions)

What the fuck is that?

I was a bit bored and sick of GMod, so I had to do something while waiting for Hotline Miami 2 to come out.
Basically it is Hotline Miami fan art in form of gamemode.

Gamemode itself is kinda twisted around …well…how shitty GMod is atm, actually.

What do I do in it?

There is no actual goal, except for 2 gametypes, but here is what I have atm:

Random Deathmatch - No goal, just kill some people or whatever. Has 6 characters and quite a nice amount of weapons at your service. Unfinished and probably will get some bosses later.

Axecution - 1 vs all gametype. One player takes the role of glorious Axe Guy, while the rest of players are playing as shitty DarkRP kids. Goal is to either kill all kids (or) printers. Axe Guy has 3 attempts, before game switches to another player. Kinda finished, but lacks some details.

Serious Drama - Simple team vs team stuff that is based on de_ gamemode from counter strike. Basically both teams play as shitty roleplay communities, while one team should deliver an expensive package to the server of the opposite community. Kinda finished as well, yet probably lacks few details.

Coop - 4 people vs rest or players. Have not made that one yet, but it is in todo.

Truly custom (or should I say c-c-c-c-c-c-custom) features:

*Custom gamemode name
*Shower of unpredicted physical bullets. Your enemies will never know what hit them.

Okay, really…

It features pretty much hotline miami’sh gameplay (executions, combos, characters and few other things so far).
Also I slammed soundcloud widget with some music in it, so it should not lack some soundtrack.
And there are few gametype-based cutscenes, that mostly act as a “backstory” or an explanation to all this shit that is going on during these gametypes.

Some media, I guess?[/t][t][/t]

Any credits?

Gamemode uses some stuff like LUA Animation API, few assets like physical bullets from Awesome Strike and probably 1-2 more, that should be credited directly where it is used. Sorry if i forgot to credit someone.

Right here

Keep in mind that it may crash, bug out and do some other things that GMod is exceptionally good at.

If you can’t see/download the fonts - get them from here:

Oh boy…



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hosting a server asap for this

Forgot to mention that it includes 3 default maps as well.
Also noticed that it might crash due to some “crazy physics” shit, gonna check what’s up with that tomorrow.

You might want to link a download for the fonts, as the workshop doesn’t like fonts.

I thought this was going to be some slave life simulation shit by the title…

Oh my God, that intro scene is beautiful.

help i try joining that one server that there is but i keep getting connection errors

I’ve uploaded them here if you can’t get them to work:

Works for me. Did you download the workshop addon first?

oh lord

The server itself is pretty crashy at the moment :v:

Seems to largely be the office map, I don’t think we crashed on the others.

Anyway, you’ve done a real nice job on this, OP. Had a lot of fun while playing this and I’m interested to see where people go with it!

Got to play the non-public beta thing for this. Was fucking awesome.



i cried

You’re a god.

Small update is out. Reverted few things, so let me know if gamemode is still crashing even after that.

OMG,this is awesome!

Hmm, I haven’t noticed the server crashing yet, but my Garry’s Mod seems to be quite often. Anyone else?

My game seems to hate this. I have to run the game in DX8 for it to render anything properly. When running in DX9, the only way I can see things is when I have my main menu open. It’s annoying because this is a problem I have for some other gamemodes, too.