Slavers Transport Slaves between cities - CID

I like, I like quite a bit.

Well shucks :3

Yeah, it looks really good. I was expecting Fallout for some reason though.

I don’t like the default fingerposing on most of the models, But otherwise it’s sound.

Thanks guys!

Fits perfectly with the music, love the posing and the idea.

Tho the left sides seems almost completely naked, you should have put some bushes n grass on the ground there, and maybe a tree or two and more grass up on the hill. Otherwise it blew my mind combined with the music.

So are those Umbrella models still private or were they released when I wasn’t looking?


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Thanks mate :3

why so many plants?

Cause everyone loves a bit 'o bush. Loving the cuffs and the music suits it well and its a nice change to the whole war poses that I’ve been seing lately around here.

I don’t remember any sheer rock faces or cliffs in Georgia.

Otherwise looks great.

Where did you get the Atlanta sign? That’s awesome!

Post apocalypse without the nukes, a Virus that just kills, no zombies, just a virus.
Shit got out of hand Social order fell, Government fell.
Imagine I am legend but full of humans fighting for the fittest n’ shit.

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