sLayer 'alpha' 2.5

Hello all so I am back after a few months, and I have been very busy with my first Lua project.

Project sLayer. This is if you don’t know already a mix between Unreal and Serious Sam. I have been working on this since last September along with a few friends.
Also all graphics you see are custom made as well as the weapons models.

So what does this game entail at the moment, and what will it bring to Garrysmod.

This gamemode is a fast paced first person shooter. You will be playing under intense music with the aim to kill as many people as possible in order to gain XP. This XP is used to level up.
At the moment there isn’t any items or load out screen for level system but that will come in time. You will be able to access your load out at any point during a round.

The load out system will consist of;

-Items ‘such as hats’
-ID perk. ‘This is a big part of the gamemode.’

ID perk;

When you first join the server you will receive a perk in your inventory. This perk will be unique to you. No other player will have this. This perk could consist of the following examples;
-Initial spawn 200HP
-Run speed is 5% faster
-Jump ability will be greater.

I am planning on adding 400 of these. All unique some better than others. Some will be similar but non will be the same. Some may like it some may not, but it will make the gamemode more intresting to new and regular players. ‘These won’t be gameplay advantage perks, just something to spice the game up a bit.’

The Hud and weapons on this gamemode are all custom made like I said above. This gamemode has been made with a rich user experience in mind.

When you spawn/respawn you will receive a random weapon. There are many guns all unique and over powered in their own way. These consist currently of.

-sLmg ‘fast accurate smg type weapon’
-OPshotty ‘fast wide spread firing shotgun’
-Antimater cannon ‘Crazy rare special weapon you may spawn with’
-Mnu ‘Laser type weapon slow but accurate’
-BladeGun ‘shoots a blade at silly speeds with a 100% accuracy, this means it is a very rare weapon to spawn with’

I want to eventually add in 30+ unique weapons to this gamemode. The sLayer Dev team have been fantastic so far with this.

Here are some images of the menu’s and the weapons. Here is a small video showing a few other things off which are best explained by seeing.

I hope you leave some constructive comments bellow.
If you wish to come and view the gamemode give me a pm, and I will add you on steam.

-Thanks Duby

Looks like something worth trying out.
Small suggestion: For the time the clock in the top right corner doesn’t really fit the rest of the HUD/gamemode. Possibly change that because it’s the sticks out of place quite a bit.

Suggestion for the thread: It’s just a wall of text. Please add some media (pictures) showing your gamemode.