Slayer Stories 1: I Wonder...

Title was slightly taken from Mad Moments. Anyway, here’s whatever this is I made.
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You’ll be remembered for making the first generic comic ever, that’s for sure. :v:

I’ve wondered the same thing.

It’s a start! :v:

Posing was good, bubbles were good. It just wasn’t that funny, unless I’m missing something. :confused:

It’s ok, it’s not supposed to be funny :v:

Not to beat the dead horse, but work on the punchline. Everything else is solid.



The end result of the joke,

Horse walks into a bar,
Bartender says;
“Why the long face?”

In this instance “Why the long face.” is the punchline.

I was saying that because there wasn’t really any joke

I’m on the wall and no one remembers me…

I remember you.


I don’t actually know you, but your avatar catches my eye more often that others.

Kohaku from melty blood, yes.
She appeals to me because she’s a maid.