Slayers Dedicated Server Installer


This installer has been replaced! Please go to this thread instead.


Some commandline stuff has been changed for better access and ease of use.

After seeing how many problems people are having with Armpits installer I decided to make my own.

My installer doesn’t have a GUI, it doesn’t have some flashy buttons, it has a few .bat files providing quick working format.

I didn’t package anything into this except a few extras in the extras folder that will help you when setting up your dedicated server.

Find something that does not work? Post it here and I’ll have a fix up soon.

It has some nice features Armpits didn’t, I made a helpful batch file that will move the CS:S and HL2MP files for you into the correct folder so the orangebox source engine will use it.

It also supports downloading and launching of most popular source games.

Don’t want it to have some file or you want to release it with one letter changed and call it yours? Do it I don’t care.

Remember to read the Installation.txt and the README.txt’s.

The Installer comes with a ready made server.cfg, autoexec.cfg, content.txt (For mounting games other then the defaults.) And a nice Start Server.bat that you can put in the Gameserver/orangebox folder to start the server.

If you can Open a file you can install a server with this.

Now for some pics


Download Links

[del]Official Mirror[/del]
Old Versions**

I made this for the community so people can learn from it too.

Find any other helpful links or Tutorials on Facepunch or anywhere else? Post the link for me and I’ll be glad to put it in this post.

HLSW (Great program for accessing rcon from another computer or out of the game)

FPS Booster (Boosts Server FPS on Windows Computers, Put fps_max 512 in your Server.Cfg for boosted Fps after installation)
Server Checker (Auto Restarts Servers, Don’t ask how to use this in my Topic,Link To Info on Program)

Assmod (Quick easy administrating with a clean simple to use menu.)

**- My Personal Pick**

ULX (Good Admin mod with lots of features and has been around for a long time.)

This current version should fix the ‘can’t allocate a server IP point’.

**Useful Sandbox Commands**

AWESOME! Although I won’t use it because I’m renting a server. :frowning: But I will show the Facepunch link to my friends. :slight_smile: Well, thanks for making it!

Sure no problem. :smiley:

Thanks dude really good pack !

how to make startupa sql database for darkrp 2.2.10a?

Sorry I really haven’t done any sql stuff, you might want to go to the darkrp gamemode forum and ask them.

Day of Defeat Bug: the .bat for downloading DoD downloads the hl1 version, not source, so it’s pretty useless for gmod. Other than this great work! helped me alot!

“dods” is the Day of Defeat: Source game type.

Wait did i forget to put dods?

Crap i did. Give me a sec i will have it fixed.


Done :smiley:

Hey i cant use PM but can you host a server for me please add me to MSN

Sorry dude I can’t do that, I would probably go ask else where in the forum.

How do I get the portal content working with my server? There was no batch file to download the portal content.

You can’t download the portal content, You have to buy the game and upload it

I have bought the game. But I am not sure how to upload it. Care to elaborate?

EDIT: Never mind, I got it working.

Thanks Slayer, great upload!!!
Here I put it on for you.

-Dj Nite

Link Above is outdated

Thanks for putting up another mirror.

I was hoping for this to get a little more recognition but I guess not.

Nice, and there’s no exploits like in Armpit’s installer of shit.

That is why I made it but I guess people want to just use his.

This is great I got it up and working but some things I would like to change. How do you turn off the godmode in the server. Also make it so I can put the limit to things to my choice, like NPCs and w/e.

Copy the server.cfg from the extras to Gameserver/orangebox/garrysmod/cfg.

Then open it with notepad and at the bottom or anywhere you want and put.
sbox_godmode 0 //Allows the player to be damaged
sbox_plpldamage 0 //Allows player vs. player damage

You can put 1 to disallow or keep as 0 to allow.

How do I set things up so that users can download the portal/aftermarket content/maps on my server if they don’t have it?