Sled Race

Is that black stuff supposed to be smoke?

It’s supposed to look like dust.

It’s looks pretty bad considering it keeps over lapping it’s self

well, at least I tried to do an effect, right?

-Don’t want to sound like a baby, but nobody is reading my posts correctly-

What, so we’re just supposed to be good when we start?
No, you try, you fail, you take the criticism and try again another day.
“The dust looks like shit” isn’t helping anyone.

I said that dust was over lapping it’s self, what else am I supposed to do? Write an in-depth tutorial on making dust?

Also, I didn’t say he had to start out amazing.
You can easily start making photos, keep making them better, and then upload them.

I don’t even have words for that kind of response. Absolute nonsense.

Breezeep, I can tell what you tried to do with the dust effect and you’re right, it’s good you attempted something. It doesn’t work entirely I think, but it’s better than nothing at all. In my opinion the thing that stands out the most is your DoF. You’ve focused on the guy in the front sled and consequently blurred everything else and it looks strange. The Combine camera in the foreground closest to us shouldn’t be blurred, perspective doesn’t really work like that. Your posing is good but you should either add more stuff to the empty space, or position the camera so you get the action more focused.

Just my two cents from a novice though, I’m still learning myself.

The more informative, the better. There is no limit to how in depth your criticism can be, but “it’s shit cos it’s lapping” is just garbage. Define ‘lapping’. What is lapping? How does he fix it? What should he do better to fix this so called lapping?

That’s a load of crap. You don’t avoid criticism for fear of getting negativity. If you can get criticism on something you’re working on then go for it, you can only gain.

So you pulled up a thread that I had to close because I put it somewhere I shouldn’t have. Big whoop? That doesn’t make you any less of an ass? Does it have any relevance what-so-ever to the subject at hand?

I mean are you literally that ignorant?

Welcome to Facepunch.

Your join date is years ahead of mine

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Also I was linking it because I thought you closed it for all the dumbs.

If it really was for the wrong section, my apologies.

I’ve been around long enough to know how to get on here and so far I’m not convinced you’ll catch on very well.

I have ratings disabled. Still has literally 0 relevance to what I was talking about and you pulled that out of nowhere to prove your point or something.