SledBuild GMod 13 help?

Alright, so I’ve tried just about everything that I can find. I just want something that’ll work just fine I don’t want any extra stuff that I don’t need. I just want the gamemode I am not for sure on if this is a private gamemode but I’m pretty sure it isn’t because it’s on the workshop and I’ve looked for like extractors for the .gma files or whatever it is. Yet I find nothing I’ve tried GmadConv doesn’t work I’ve tried these:

  • Some of them are fixes not the actual gamemode

None work… I’m getting hopeless. Please! If you can share with me a download for the gamemode that’ll just work…
Please… ;-;

Search it on the workshop; there’s an updated version there.

Like I said I’m looking for the files. I know it’s on the workshop as I said I’m looking for it to upload to my server if I use the API key and force download the workshop it does not work through the server I need to manually add it to that so I can set the gamemode to sled build… If I’ve tried Garry’s I’m pretty sure I’d check the workshop too :confused:

You can take the workshop addon and extract the .gma using GMad to get the files then?

You…can upload Workshop files from the server a couple of ways, though? As in, way easier ways than converting an old gamemode

A bit of a slow alternative would be what code_gs said. GMad is really useful, and it wouldn’t take long to upload it to dropbox and then download the files again your server.