Sledbuild server problem.

I have a fully working gmod srdcs server running for gmod sandbox. I have seen the gamemode around the internet “sledbuild” so i thought I would try and convert my server to play with my friends.

I have downloaded the links that i found on this forum post:

I put the ‘sledbuild’ folder in the zip into the server/gamemodes folder and placed the map into the maps folder. But it wont load the gamemode. It still loads sandbox, i have tried changing it from the srcds.exe window and that wont let me change it. Can someone please explain why this is not working, and what i have done wrong.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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the console error when i try and change it via the ‘gamemode’ command is ‘Couldn’t change active gamemode - ‘sledbuild’ not found’

and its in my gamemodes folder in my server directory